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Planes for sale.

Brand Model Type Class Date Description Price Pictures Status
Stanley #9 1/2   block 1880s These are first generation Stanley 9 1/2 block planes, second generation lever caps, correct "L Bailey's Patent" marked irons with lots of length left, sliding toe sections, and they're "Excelsior" style bodies. 50% japanning remaining. $49.95 Coming! Coming!
Stanley Bailey #5 17 jack 1942-1945 This appears to be a war production plane with the much thicker body casting. Original body finish is 95%, original wood finish is 90% This plane is clean, sharpened, and ready to work! $45 Pic1 In Stock
E.C.Simmons Keen Kutter KK6   fore   This plane was made for Simmons by the Ohio Tool Company and closely matches the Stanley Bailey #6 plane. This KK6 has 75% of the original body finish, 100% of the original wood finish, and the correct Keen Kutter marked cutting iron that is much thicker than the Stanley irons. This plane is clean, sharp, and ready to go! $65 Pic1 In Stock
Stanley Bailey #7 4 jointer 1874-1884 This is a great example of an early Stanley Bailey with some minor chipping at the back of the mouth that doesn't effect the plane's operation at all and a small chip on the side at the toe. Correct Stanley Rule and Level cutting iron (chip breaker screw hole at the top) with plenty of meat left on it. Excellent condition for a 130+ year old tool! The plane has been thoroughly cleaned and sharpened. The body finish is 60%+ , the wood is in excellent shape!. This is a great example of an early Stanley and is completely usable and ready to work! $75 Pic1 Out of Stock
W. Greaves & Sons       mid-1800s This W. Greaves & Sons cutting iron and matching Sheaf Works cap iron were made in the mid 1800s in Sheffield England. The irons are 2 1/2" wide, have a ton of length left on them, and a freshly sharpened edge. $50 Pic1 In Stock