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Knife sharpening

There are few things more aggravating or dangerous to use than dull kitchen knives. Dull knives require more pressure to cut (crushing food instead of cutting it) and are far more likely to slip. The combination of lots of pressure and a tendency to slip means that the odds of an accident with dull kitchen knives is VERY high.

Are you trying to sharpen your dull kitchen knives with a honing steel or an automatic grinder? Automatic ginders will do a lousy sharpening job at best and take way too much metal off the knife. Once a knife is truly dull, it's impossible to improve the edge with a honing steel.

Our hand sharpened knives provide super sharp edges and polished bevels that no grinder can touch.

Frequently Asked Questions, Knives

Q. Why can't I just sharpen knives with my automatic knife sharpener (aka the dreaded can opener sharpener)?
A. Most automatic knife sharpeners have stones that are way too coarse to produce the excellent fine edge that our hand sharpening does. Since automatic knife sharpeners use round stones, it's also impossible to get an even, flat, bevel from them. Finally, automatic knife sharpeners make it very easy to overheat and burn the blade, damaging the knife.