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Back in the days of old, pre-chainsaw, the crosscut saw was the king of the woods. 2 man crosscut saws were felling the trees and bucking them into firewood, the smaller 1 man crosscut saws allowed a single man to cut limbs and buck smaller trees easily. These saws are still just as usefull today as ever. No noise, no engine exhaust fumes, never a problem to get started, the crosscut saw is extremely low environmental impact.

Usefull as these saws are, neglect, rust, pitch buildup, physical abuse, and improper sharpening attempts can make these saws live up to the old name of "misery whips". Bring your crosscut saw to us to put back in to shape! Cleaning, straightening, setting, sharpening, we can fix almost any problem with a crosscut saw.

Do you compete in woodsmen competition at fairs and events? Are you a school or a college with a woodsmen competition team? We also provide cleaning, straightening, setting, and sharpening for racing and competition versions of crosscut saws and bow saws. When you need your saw to run its very best, bring it to us!

Are you looking for your first 1 man crosscut saw or 2 man crosscut saw? Visit our crosscut saw sales page for restored vintage saws! Click here for crosscut saw sharpening prices.

Crosscut Saw Training Manual
Simonds 2 man bucking crosscut saw