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Hand saw sharpening
A sharp and clean handsaw is a pleasure to use. A dull and dirty handsaw is a nightmare! Click here for handsaw sharpening prices!

Frequently Asked Questions, Hand Saws

Q. My handsaw won't cut in a straight line without fighting with it.
A. This handsaw is either improperly set (the teeth on one side are set more than the other) or the blade is bent.

Q. My handsaw whips back and forth as I pull it back in the cut.
A. This handsaw is bent or kinked and it's rubbing on the side of the cut.

Q. My hand saw seems to bind in the cut.
A. This handsaw doesn't have enough set in the teeth.

Q. My handsaw has a build up of pitch or rust on the blade.
A. A handsaw with pitch or rust build up on the blade will take more than normal effort to saw, since the build up on the blade will create friction in the cut

Q. Can you really straighten a bent, twisted, or kinked handsaw?
A. A bent, twisted, or kinked handsaw can never be returned to perfect factory straightness but it can be straightened well enough to cut a straight line without fighting the person using it.

Q. How do handsaws get bent?
A. The most common way to bend a handsaw is to put too much pressure down on the teeth when sawing. Too much pressure makes the teeth dig in and, if it's done near the toe end of the saw (the end opposite the handle), will almost certainly bend the blade when pushed.