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Do you have a handsaw, back saw, miter saw, or one or two man crosscut saw with a handle that's seen better days? Decades of rough use, careless storage, or exposure of bare wood due to missing finish can take it's toll. Handles split, they dry rot, they get chewed by mice, and now your vintage saw is unusable.

Don't throw it away! We can save vintage saw handles, even to making repair sections to replace missing wood! Email us a picture of your damaged saw handle today for a quote!
damaged crosscut saw handle
Disston one man crosscut saw handle, repair section for missing wood attached.
damaged crosscut saw handle repaired
Repair section shaped to match the original.
damaged crosscut saw handle refinished
Restored handle refinished and ready to go!
damaged handsaw handle
Handle for a G. Bishop #12 handsaw with a broken loop.
damaged handsaw handle repair
Broken loop pieces reattached.
damaged handsaw handle repair
Loop reattached to handle.
damaged handsaw handle repair
Handle sanded down and ready for finish.
damaged handsaw handle refinished
Handle refinished and ready to go!.